Your Mystery Date Is Here

SPRINGFIELD, ANYSTATE — A few weeks back, LoftheD uncovered Debbie. A spirited MBA grad from Villanova. She was new to the online dating scene and just looking for L-O-V-E.

She seemed fun. Outgoing. The only obstacle one might have dating ‘the Deb-ster’ could be her  — I dunno — slight preoccupation with kitty cats.

Well, needless to say, our heart went out to poor Debbie. So, our crack R.A.F. Dating Service — Successful Singles LLC — got busy. After five beers we uncovered some suitable candidates for Deb’s consideration.

NOTE TO DEBBIE: As you sift through each suitor, please think long term. Don’t judge solely on appearance. Discard the mullets and dodgy sweaters. It’s nothing a little gin and kitty liter can’t eradicate from your memory bank.

“And OMG, yes indeed! You can definitely thank us during the nuptials! Bring your cats. We can all roll around with them — together!

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