Farkin’ Futball Fascinates Fans: Match Day 2 Results

FARKIN’ FENTON, MO — “Our league is off to a rollicking start,” boasted M.I.S.S.L.E.D. commissioner, Preince Ribus, “Some teams have won. Others have lost.  Our new franchise, the Barflys of Las Vegas, sold out. Of gin. Before halftime. Nice!”

The Flint Stoners, Reading Librarians, Manbush and Fungus of Sacramento are smoking at the start; two wins out of two. Week 2 saw Elf’s Army flail about, dropping another one to the Libs. And Evil RAF struggled too, failing to dispatch the pesky Tugnuts.

The Texas Teabags thoroughly dismantled the woeful Maui Wowdies, 2-1.

“What competition? It was like men against tots out there,” gloated T-Bag striker, Antonio San Antonio.

RAF Stunning Week One Scores 2

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